Sustainable capital growth.

The Selection fund series

Since 2011 the Selection series of funds from Swift Capital Partners has offered foundations, family offices and high net-worth individuals the opportunity to invest indirectly in new funds from outstanding European buyout firms. A new Selection fund is launched every year, which in turn invests in up to three European buyout funds. This enables investors to build up a diversified, high-quality fund portfolio in the same way as successful institutional investors. Ten Selection funds have been raised to date. The minimum investment amount is €500,000.


Swift Capital Portfolio

Swift Capital Portfolio is an institutional fund programme, which is aimed primarily at family offices and foundations. The programme has a conservative strategy, based on diversification and limited volatility. It invests over a period of three to four years in six to ten European private equity funds and aims to generate sustainable income streams. Swift Capital Portfolio is open to investors making a minimum investment of €5 million.


Other services

For investment amounts of €10 million and upwards, Swift Capital Partners offers investors long-term managed accounts for the customised structuring and management of private equity fund portfolios. Depending on the situation, our services include the selection and analysis of potential portfolio funds, ongoing management of the investments, cash flow management, plus reporting and controlling functions. Swift Capital Partners uses one of the leading specialist database solutions and has extensive experience in working with sophisticated institutional investors. Regular and ad hoc reporting and risk controlling are precisely adapted to meet investor requirements.

Are you interested?

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